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Gamo COMBO PACK 1000 ASSORTED-Assorted : .22

Gamo COMBO PACK 1000 ASSORTED-Assorted : .22

This Combo Pack of .22 Pellets Has You Covered for Hunting, Pest Control, and Plinking!

If you know air guns, then you probably know Gamo. In addition to making some of the world's best air guns, they also make top of the line ammunition. This combo pack from Gamo includes 4 different types of specialized .22 caliber lead pellets. The TS-22 pellets feature a long skirt which provides truer flight at longer distances and provide outstanding accuracy and penetration. Gamo's Master Point pellets have an aerodynamic design that allows them to travel further and a pointed tip makes them great for pest control. The Hunter pellets have a heavier weight and dome to help them perform with terrific impact. Finally, the Magnum pellets have a pointed tip and double ring design that increases mushrooming on target. These are best used for small game hunting and Gamo recommends you do not use them in repeating air rifles or air pistols.

Gamo Pellets Combo Pack .22 Cal Specifications and Features

  • Gamo Item Number: 63209295554
  • Combo Pack of Four Types of Pellets
  • Lead Pellets
  • .22 Caliber


  • 200 Count TS-22: 21.7 grains, High Performance, Great for Target Shooting
  • 250 Count Master Point: 15.43 grains, Maximum Penetration, Good for Pests
  • 250 Count Hunter: 15.43 grains, Greater Impact Even at Long Distance
  • 250 Count Magnum: 15.43 grains, Greater Expansion, Ideal for Small Game Hunting
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